Terms and Conditions

Website Changes

Once the initial web design is created there will not be any additional changes. If you made an error please send us a message at support@lex.style. The design of the website does not change. The only changes are content changes (pictures, text, and links).

Refund policy

We only offer refund policy within the first 48 hours of website creation. If for any reason you do not like your personal website, we will refund your money.

Website deadline

When your 6 months deadline is going to expire, you will be notified that your website is going to be removed and your signature book will be delivered in PDF format. If you would like the book sooner or if you would like your website to remain up longer please send us an email at support@lex.style.


We only use photos that are provided by the client. If the quality we receive is poor we do our best to apply it to the website for the best image. The client is responsible for providing all content and good resolution pictures.